Support for innovation and business


The Regional Development Agency supports the investment environment in the Moravian-Silesian Region via a range of activities promoting innovative thinking among established businesses, start-ups, university students, secondary school students, and researchers.

  • We coordinate the implementation of the Regional Innovation Strategy (RIS3) and monitor progress.
  • We assist in the planning of Regional grant programmes targeted at businesses, universities, researchers and students. We monitor and evaluate the effectiveness of individual grant programmes.
  • We organize international events – including conferences, workshops, meetings, and trips.
  • We facilitate knowledge transfer between research institutions and companies.
  • We support clusters in the Region, providing consulting services, information, contacts and organizing meetings.
  • We organize a range of training activities focusing on the development of innovation potential and business support.
  • We map ongoing innovation activities in companies throughout the Moravian-Silesian Region.
  • We provide consulting services to businesses focusing on grant programmes.
  • We are partners in international projects:
    • ClusteriX 2.0 is an inter-regional project that aims to identify, assess and implement new tools for supporting innovation processes in partner regions by harnessing the potential offered by cluster initiatives.
  • We implement projects supporting the development of the innovation environment:
    • Smart Accelerator is a project focusing on the development of the innovation environment in the Moravian-Silesian Region. It is based on the Regional Innovation Strategy (RIS3) – a document which identifies the Region’s key areas of potential and maps out specific needs in research, development and innovation processes.
  • We organize the competition for innovative companies, young entrepreneurs and women entrepreneurs.

Regional Innovative Company Awards

This competition showcases SMEs and large companies with strong innovation potential in the Moravian-Silesian Region. The aim of the awards is to raise awareness of the Region’s innovation base and the presence of many companies which have developed world-leading innovative products and solutions.

Lady Business Awards 

This competition is targeted at businesswomen in the Region. Its aim is to motivate women to become involved in business.


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